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Craft Cocktails Made Simple.

Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup

Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup was created to bring the authentic, traditional mojito back to your bar cart. 

In the 16th Century when Sir Francis Drake visited Havana, the mojito was invented to heal sailors from scurvy. In addition to cane sugar, limes, & rum, the locals brewed Chuchuhuasi tree bark tea as a herbal medicine, and added it to their mojitos. In this Cuban tradition, we created Sir Francis' with organic chuchuhuasi bark, in addition to the classic ingredients. 



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Whether you are mixing drinks for 2 or 200, we know that creating great cocktails can seem complicated. We at Statesman Beverage Co. have done the work for you to simplify your mixology and create great beverages. That way you can spend your time raising a glass with your friends and enjoying your sophisticated cocktails.

For the cocktail novice to the mixology savant, Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup and Sir Winston’s Spiced Simple Syrup are exactly the tools you need to simply make your favorite libations. For the latest recipes and concoctions, visit our recipes page.  

Sir Winston's Spiced Simple Syrup

Sir Winston’s is produced in small batches using organic sugar and organic spices. The flavors of this complex simple syrup evoke holiday warmth.

Amateur cocktail sommeliers will note the presence of cinnamon on the tongue and a subtle burn of chili pepper at the finish (not enough burn to cause alarm, but just enough to let you know its there). It is a complex balance of globally sourced organic spices that balance out darker spirits and enliven everyday standards like coffee or tea. 

8.5 oz / 250ml 

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